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It's the 1st of April - a day synonymous with playing pranks on the people you love the most. And to celebrate this April Fools' Day, we wish to share a selection of figurative whoopee cushions with you. Rather than re-setting your alarm clock or switching the sugar for the salt, we've compiled photographic evidence of some hilarious moments that make our continent so unique. This is Africa in its finest and funniest form - be it the gravity-defying feats of man, the confusing or amusing signs, or the wonders of wildlife.


From the affectionately facetious to the downright ridiculous, click on the 'Next' button above each image to have a good chuckle at our special continent.


Cover image - a lion emerging from a shower cubicle in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in Botswana - provided by Michelle Needham.