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Africa's animals are under siege, with more and more of our precious species experiencing rapid population declines. Paradoxically, some popular tourist destinations across subSaharan Africa sometimes have seemingly large populations of certain species, like elephants, penguins, lions, and grey parrots - leading to the mistaken belief that these species are safe and secure, even common. In fact this perception of a species being locally common is the basis of many justifications to cull, hunt or trade in certain species. These islands of populations are scattered across Africa and are becoming increasingly isolated - cut off from each other by human encroachment and by direct persecution. The rapid population declines in the areas, which surround and connect these islands to one another, is of great concern. How long before iconic tourist areas start reporting declines in populations of iconic species? Perhaps this already happening.

   Talented professional photographer Will Burrard-Lucas spends many hours out in the field, and has observed this process in action. He shares with us some species that are in rapid decline that are close to his heart.

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