Issue 8, 22 August, 2014
Anton Crone (right) in Naboisho, Kenya

ANTON CRONE quit the crazy-wonderful world of advertising to travel the world, sometimes working, sometimes drifting. Along the way he unearthed a passion for Africa’s stories – not the sometimes hysterical news agency headlines we all feed off, but the real stories. Anton has a strong empathy with Africa’s people and their need to meet daily requirements, often in remote environmentally hostile areas co-habitated by Africa’s free-roaming animals. His journey brought him to Africa Geographic where he is now Editor in Chief, and custodian of Africa Geographic online magazine. Anton wrote LION KING OR COMMODITY?, an analysis of the lion breeding industry in South Africa.


John de Jager

JOHN DE JAGER is a South African photographer and lead trails guide with 8 years of experience in conservation. He aims to express his passion for conservation and wildlife through his photography and bring the natural world to as many people as possible. John’s company OnePhotography Photo Safaris provides clients with some of the best photographic opportunities in Southern Africa, with his personal experience and knowledge enhancing their journey through the natural world. John is the photographer of our cover as well as a contributor to this weeks gallery WILD ROYALTY. To see more of his work, click here.



WIM VORSTER spent more time outdoors than in the classroom as a young boy. He always knew that he wanted to work in nature and completed his degree in nature conservation directly after school. Wim has been a field guide and manager of various big five game reserves in Southern Africa for more than 10 years. It’s opened the door for him to experience, and photograph, amazing African wildlife in their natural environment. He is currently a wildlife camera man and freelance photographic guide living by the motto, ”One life, photograph it!” Wim contributed to this weeks gallery WILD ROYALTY. To see more of his work, click here.



MARK DRYSDALE has been involved with photography most of his life, educated in the Eastern Cape, he lives in Johannesburg and regularly frequents his home in Dullstroom. He left the mainstream of industry to pursue his passion for photography about 5 years ago. His philosophy about imagery is wonderfully insightful: “Light is the essence of all images. It’s quality defines the emotional and physical aspects of photography. The subject is the vehicle, which we use to illustrate that light. It can be warm or cool, soft or harsh, vivid or muted. When the light and subject intersect, they can compliment or contradict each other and how we portray that through the lens depicts who we are. It is the perfect point when the two elements come together to form a scene that is greater than either of them individually.” Mark contributed to this weeks gallery WILD ROYALTY. To see more of his work, click here.



MIKE VISAGIE is an explorer, poet and photographer who’s passion is not only to explore the world we live in, but also our own inner world. He does the latter by working within the field of organisational psychology and human development. Mike’s own exploration is done either by sitting still, deep in thought, or moving forward, camera in hand and a smile on his face. He knows no better place on earth than the African bush shared with friends. Mike contributed to this weeks gallery WILD ROYALTY. To see more of his work, click here.


kym and Tonya Illman-4713

KYM ILLMAN is a passionate and innovative wildlife photographer. He, and his wife Tonya, run a multi-million dollar audio production business from Perth, Australia, but over the past 2 years they’ve spent 20+ weeks in Africa photographing for their first wildlife photo book entitled Africa On Safari (due for release in Oct 2015). Kym uses a range of unusual photographic aids/techniques including quad-copters, remote camera buggies and buried/hidden cameras to secure unusual angles. Kym contributed to this weeks gallery WILD ROYALTY. To see more of his work, click here.

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