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This issue is a celebration of animals that have been rescued from the brink of despair to become conservation ambassadors for their kind.

   It is time to focus on the lives of animals that have survived against all odds. So much of the kind, caring work that happens in Africa goes unnoticed, over-shadowed by the negative news coming out of many of Africa’s wild areas. We take a closer look at the stories behind some amazing wild rescues to bring you tales of hope, passion and commitment. Animals given a second chance because of dedicated people that value teamwork, perseverance and a humble respect for all living things.

   We hope you enjoy the next nine images of some of the most famous African rescue animals. These animals serve as a symbol of all that can be achieved if we put our minds and hearts towards it.


Simply click the ‘Next’ button above each image to read the following tales of triumph over tragedy. The final page is a tribute to those who have left us but whose legacies live on.