Issue 7, 15 August, 2014

QlQmRdp9-ByblF36ZM52aYWvqTOVMwJnf8J4X838m2QScott Ramsay is still out there, somewhere. But he’s not hiding. He’s always feeding us great stories and insights through his Africa Geographic blog series, taking photographs of the wild and interviewing the experts who work in the protected areas he loves. Through his work, Scott hopes to inspire others to travel to the continent’s national parks and nature reserves, which Scott believes are Africa’s greatest assets and deserve to be protected at any cost, not only for their sake but for our own survival. His one year journey to explore South Africa’s wild places turned into three. Perhaps as the wild places beyond South Africa’s borders lure him, the journey will continue for many years. Lets hope so. But if you haven’t yet been on a journey with Scott, this is the place to start: THREE YEARS IN THE WILD.

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