Issue 5, 1 AUGUST, 2014

SIMON ESPLEY is a seasoned African traveller – walking, driving, boating, biking, horse riding and flying his way in pursuit of true wilderness and elusive birds. In his spare time he rehabilitates birds for release back into the wild, tries to live sustainably and is increasingly interested in the true cost and journey of food. He is a chartered accountant and director of Africa Geographic Holdings and bigFIG Digital Media. His experience with and appreciation of birds comes to the fore in our feature chapter, SHADES OF GREY. Simon adds vital information about the species in GET TO KNOW THE GREY PARROT and guides potential owners in the responsibility of keeping such a pet in A LIFELONG COMMITMENT.



DR. ROWAN MARTIN has been of vital assistance in writing this issue. Rowan heads up the World Parrot Trust’s African Conservation Program. He first became involved with WPT during his doctoral studies on the breeding behaviour of Yellow-shouldered Amazon parrots on Bonaire when he was based at the University of Sheffield, UK. Between 2009 and 2013 he held a Postdoctoral fellowship at the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. While in South Africa he became involved in African parrot conservation and as a co-ordinator for the Africa region of the International Ornithologist’s Union Parrot Researcher’s Group, took a lead role in reviewing the state of research and conservation in African parrots.



GIOVANNI MARI has had a strong interest in wildlife since childhood and inherited a passion for travel from his father. At the age of seven he took his first safari in Kenya and since then he has been bound to Africa. In the last twelve years Giovanni has been travelling all seven continents for a personal project, shooting mainly wildlife and indigenous cultures. His award winning images have been featured in renowned magazines around the world and he is presently working on the second of five wildlife focused books. His images of the colourful and enigmatic mandrills of south eastern Gabon can be viewed in THE PAINTED APE Gallery. You can see more of Giovanni’s work on his website.



CHRISTIAN MEERMANN is the photographer of our Congo grey parrot cover image. Based in Germany and active since 2007, his award winning fine art black & white portraits of animals have not only built a strong and still growing reputation in the photographic communities on the web, but also caught the interest of customers like the Sporting Clube de Portugal, Maxim magazine, Getty Images and Nike. You can find his work on his website and also on FlickR, Google+ and on Twitter.

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