Issue 49, 5 June 2015


RON SWILLING is a freelance writer regularly featured in travel and outdoor magazines in South Africa and Namibia. Her work has also recently appeared in the books Road Tripping Namibia and Wild Horses in the Namib Desert: An equine biography. She is drawn to Namibia where she revels in wide open spaces, free-roaming wildlife and extraordinary scenery that overturns conventional expectations, inviting a different view of reality. Ron’s travels lead her off the beaten-track to discover diamonds in dust, unspoiled nature and freedom in never-ending landscapes. Her vast experiences with Namibia’s wild horses are the subject of this week’s feature WILD HORSES OF THE NAMIB.


Scott Hurd

JUDY AND SCOTT HURD are a team of photographers living in what they see as the most photogenic country on the planet, Namibia. Working in a sparsely populated region they take on a wide variety of assignments ranging from lodge and hotel work to mining. They have just completed an eighteen month contract covering a new gold mine From Bush to Gold. They love wedding shoots but tend to avoid them as they want each to be special – for them as well as for the couple. The wonderful wildlife and conservation work (vultures, pangolins and desert horses) is the icing on the cake. They have worked on a number of shoots alongside the desert adapted horses, including the first complete set of identity pictures. Their photographs in WILD HORSES OF THE NAMIB document some of their observed behaviour.



GEORGINA LOCKWOOD grew up escaping Johannesburg city to go horse-back riding in the Magaliesberg mountains or Land Rovering in the Madikwe sand veld. Accustomed to the sun on her face and the wind in her hair, Georgina embarked as a trainee sailor on a three-masted barque to travel the world beyond her beloved Southern Africa. Ship life steered her to remote destinations and ecological treasure houses like the Galapagos, Pitcairn Island and Polynesia. Once grounded, her love of the outdoors developed into a deep respect for the environment and a desire to preserve it. Georgina is newly graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in Environmental Science. In this issue she researches TEN OF THE BEST HORSEBACK SAFARIS IN AFRICA and tells us about her own personal experience on horseback in the Maasai Mara.


Anton Crone (right) in Naboisho, Kenya

ANTON CRONE quit the crazy-wonderful world of advertising to travel the world, sometimes working, sometimes drifting. Along the way he unearthed a passion for Africa’s stories – not the sometimes hysterical news agency headlines we all feed off, but the real stories. Anton has a strong empathy with Africa’s people and their need to meet daily requirements, often in remote environmentally hostile areas co-habitated by Africa’s free-roaming animals. His journey brought him to Africa Geographic where he is now Editor in Chief, and custodian of Africa Geographic online magazine. In MOUNTING UP AGAINST POACHING Anton looks at one of the most successful mounted operations in conservation and reflects on the value of the horse in an anti-poaching role.


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