Photographer Aaron Gekoski describes how he captured the image: I was diving the site Pinnacles off Simon’s Town with another photographer when we found ourselves immersed in a school of hottentots. As he hovered, perfectly poised to take the shot, I managed to capture the school ‘exploding’ from his lens.

Jury leader Heinrich van den Berg describes why this image won the Travel category: The subject matter is dramatic and unique, and the balance of the image is perfect with the diver in the corner, his bright lens drawing the viewer into the picture, and the extraordinary sight of the shoal of fish. The diver gives the scene scale and perspective. A black and white image normally works well if it contains various shades of grey, and this image is no exception. The black suit of the diver and the white background provides the image with contrast, while the grey tones of the thousands of fish provides detail and depth. This is a classic black and white image.

VW unnamed