Issue 42, 17 April 2015

jane edge

JANE EDGE is a former environmental journalist who cut her teeth reporting on the elephant and rhino poaching crisis in the 1980s. She subsequently became a director of Phinda Resource Reserve, communications director of CC Africa (now &Beyond), and manager of Nedbank’s green affinity programme in partnership with WWF SA. She was marketing and philanthropy director for African Parks before leaving in late 2014 to establish her own consultancy, Afrothropic. She is on the board of Fair Trade Tourism, and is currently its acting general manager. In ELEPHANT CHARITIES – THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY, Jane navigates the philanthropic world and highlights its wastage, as well as its successes in protecting Africa’s giants.

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  • Caitlin O’Connell

    This is an excellent article, Jane, thank you!

  • Diana Williams

    Yes I agree whole-heartedly, superb article. I so treasure every sighting of our endangered elephants. Diana Williams

  • myron montagu

    Absolutely brilliant article Jane, thank you. Donors need to be smarter about who they support. The South African government recently complained that over 4000 NGOs were claiming to be raising money for their national parks, almost none of which ended up there. The charity system is a shambles and it needs a shake up. Across Africa, well meaning but completely inept NGOs are driving around in $50,000 Land Cruisers from their latest five-star conference achieving nothing. The picture on the ground is horrific for anyone who cares about wildlife. Charity is out of control and something new is needed.

  • Nicholas Williams

    How does one personally contact Ms. Edge?