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By water
The Ilala ferry has been cruising the Lake of Stars since 1951. She makes a weekly journey along the entire length of the lake stopping by the island of Likomo along the way. From here you can take a boat transfer to Nkwichi Lodge via Cobue on the Mozambique coast (40 minutes). It’s a wonderful way to see the lake and stop off at Nkwichi Lodge and other points along the way such as Likoma or Chizimulu Island, and Nkhata Bay and Monkey Bay on the Malawi coast.

Recommended departure points for Ilala ferry are Chipoka, which is a 1 hour drive from Lilongwe International Airport, or Monkey Bay. The ferry takes 1 night to reach Likoma and booking a first class or captain’s cabin is recommended.

Ferry information and timetable: Ilala Ferry timetable.

Booking can be arranged through Nkwichi Lodge.

By air
The simplest way to reach Nkwichi Lodge is by plane. Ulendo Airlink flies direct from Lilongwe International Airport, Malawi to Likoma island (1 hour) where a boat will transfer you to Nkwichi Lodge via Cobue on the Mozambique coast (40 minutes)

Booking can be arranged through Nkwichi Lodge.

There are also scheduled flights from Maputo, Beira and Nampula to Lichinga, Mozambique. After that access is by road.

By land
There are 2 recommended routes: via Mangochi or via Liwonde in Malawi to the Namwera/Mandimba border post. From there it is about a 3 hour drive to Lichinga, and a further 4 and a half hours to Cobue. Guests, upon booking, will be given contact details in Cobue for safe and secure parking. From Cobue a boat can take you to Nkwichi Lodge. There are no fuel stations after Lichinga and only a few simple shops.

For more information contact: Nkwichi Lodge.



GPS co-ordinates

Likoma Airstrip
12:07:48.56 S
34:44:12.22 E

Nkwichi Lodge
12:12:34.21 S
34:42:25.24 E

12:04:43.80 S
34:45:49.35 E

Lichinga Airport
13:16:26.34 S
35:15:58.54 E


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