Issue 33, 13 February 2015

Fransje and Chobe angels 2

Passionate about travel and wildlife, FRANSJE VAN RIEL grew up in The Netherlands and south east England before she moved to South Africa in 1997. After contributing several travel features to local publications she embarked on writing a series of books, the second of which was nominated for The Sunday Times / Alan Paton Award. Fransje lives in the greater Cape Town area with her family of humans and cats and dogs. Pictured here amid “Chobe’s Angels” Fransje recently explored Botswana’s wild with Chobe Game Lodge’s all female contingent of guides, a remarkable move to advance the role of women in the guiding industry. Read all about it in BOTSWANA’S ALL WOMEN GUIDING TEAM.



Led by their love of aviation, travel and conservation, husband and wife team JAN & JAY ROODE have flown over 50,000 nautical miles across Southern Africa’s deserts, great plains and endless coastlines, capturing these great wildernesses from above. Their photography allows us to truly grasp the beauty and magnitude of the African landscape and most importantly allows us to see whole landscapes and ecosystems as living, breathing entities to be conserved. By partnering with conservation organisations, Skyhawk’s images are used to raise awareness of the importance of conservation and a percentage of the sale of each of Skyhawk’s Fine Art prints goes directly to an organisation working with the environment in the country in which it was taken. Take in Botswana’s watery Eden with their gallery OKAVANGO FROM ABOVE.

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