Contributors - 'NOT FOR SALE'

Issue 22, 28 November, 2014

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After studying law, political science and finance, DEX KOTZE and his life partner started a luxury jewellery company called Jenna Clifford in 1992. They moved with their daughters to the Lowveld near Kruger National Park in 2000. His passion for wildlife photojournalism and the bush encouraged him to encompass his business network and marketing expertise to assist in raising funds and global awareness for the plight of Africa’s endangered species, particularly rhinos, elephants and lions. In 2012 he founded Youth 4 African Wildlife, a global initiative that educates global youth to become actively involved in conservation, using photography and social media marketing to advocate against wildlife trafficking. In 2014 Dex worked as a strategist with a core group of people around the world to initiate the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos which took place in 140 cities on 6 continents. Dex serves as a director of The Rhino Orphanage and helped raise finance for the successful translocation of 10 white rhinos to Botswana earlier in 2014. He has researched the Chinese luxury markets extensively and works on strategies through his networks on demand reduction for rhino horn and ivory. Dex writes about the impossibility of meeting demand for horn in SELLING OUT.

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