Issue 21, 21 November, 2014


MAHINA PERROT is a Tahitian born journalist with a passion for telling stories of conservation. In 2013, she founded Wildlife Sanctuaries Worldwide, a non-profit organisation that aims to raise awareness about wildlife sanctuaries and rehabilitation centres around the world via the publication of articles in newspapers and magazines. WSW aims to become a label which will be awarded to sanctuaries and projects that are working towards creating a sustainable future for communities and wildlife. Mahina currently bases herself in France and travels regularly to Africa. After a three month stay at Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Mahina wrote about returning abused and injured creatures to the wild in MONKEY BUSINESS.
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JESSICA BLOYE is a first year veterinary student from Lancashire, England. She travels as much as possible in her spare time and documents her journeys through photography. On her gap year she spent ten months at Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre where she formed close relationships with the chacma baboons and vervet monkeys; this awakened her passion for rehabilitation and after she’s finished her degree she would love to carry on volunteering in rehabilitation centres around the world. Jessica’s portraits of our distant cousins can be seen in MONKEY BUSINESS.



Inspired by the elegance of the natural world, Norway based photographer KARIM SAHAI strives to recreate the moments that nature produces so effortlessly. Sahai’s work has been showcased in photography exhibitions around the world. Alongside his photography, his digital visual effects creations have featured in numerous high profile motion pictures such as The Lord of the Rings, Avatar and The Hobbit. Traveling from the forests of Rwanda to the High Arctic islands of Svalbard, Sahai’s latest project is a collection of photos that tell a story about the world as few will ever see it. When not in the field, Sahai is teaching master classes and leading photo adventures with Full Life Photo Adventures — his travel company that invites travellers to experience some of the Earth’s most fleeting and rare phenomena through a camera lens. You can can get a taste of Sahai’s photographic encounters in the RWANDA GALLERY.
Discover more about his excursions to Rwanda, Svalbard and Oceania on his website:

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