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2018 Photographer of the Year 2018 Winners




What a privilege it is to receive these amazing images from all over the world, and to have this first-hand feel for the experiences our community members enjoy across this amazing continent we are lucky enough to call home!


We received 25,593 entries to the 2018 Photographer of the Year competition, up from 15,171 last year, and the standard of entries was again spectacular. Reducing that wonderful volume to one winner was an amazing journey for my team and I. We met each week over the 5-month period to make a weekly selection, and then during the judging month of May we had the tough job of choosing the photos that we feel stand out this year. A daunting task indeed.


Our approach to what makes a good photograph is largely based on whether that photograph evokes an emotion, tells a story and reflects the true diversity and amazingness of Africa. Of course there are technical issues to consider, and these are important. But most important for us is that the photograph breaks through the clutter of everyday life and makes you FEEL Africa’s pulse.


This year the 25 images that made it into the final round were of a similarly high standard, and choosing an overall winner, two runners-up and seven commendable finalists was especially difficult. The final choices were made based on the underlying message communicated by the images.


I would like to thank our sponsors Land Rover South Africa, Canon South Africa and Tanda Tula – because in these days where just about everything has been commoditised, they understand that quality ALWAYS trumps quantity.


Lastly, a special thank you to everybody who entered this amazing display of Africa’s wealth. Please do so again in 2019.



~ Simon Espley, CEO


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