Issue 20, 14 November, 2014


SIMON ESPLEY is a seasoned African traveller – walking, driving, boating, biking, horse riding and flying his way in pursuit of true wilderness and elusive birds. In his spare time he rehabilitates birds for release back into the wild, tries to live sustainably and is increasingly interested in the true cost and journey of food. He is a chartered accountant and director of Africa Geographic Holdings and bigFIG Digital Media. Simon’s experience with and appreciation of birds meant the Africa Geographic team challenged him to tick off a carefully compiled list of avian eye candy on a recent Kenyan safari. You can find out how he shaped up in SAMBURU SENSATIONS and learn about the other splendours of the Samburu region.



SAMMY MUGO was born in Central Kenya near the Aberdare Mountain ranges and spent his youth visiting the beautiful Aberdare Mountain Park. It was here, while watching guests birding, that his interest in birds was triggered. Sammy’s elder brother worked as a game ranger and he would visit him as often as he could. When his brother gave him a book on the birds of Africa, and a small pair of binoculars, he knew he wanted to see all the birds in his country. His real love of ornithology and photography of different bird species began. Sammy is co-author of Kenya’s largest publication on birds, ‘Wings of Kenya’, and he guided Africa Geographic director Simon Espley for his story SAMBURU SENSATIONS as well as contributed imagery of the stunning birds and mammals of the region.



Photographer DIRK REES was born in Cape Town; raised in Germany and is currently based in London. This Afro-European perspective has led him to working for clients from top agencies around the globe. Extensive travel in Africa cultivated his passion for landscape and natural environments in his early professional work in photography. Some of his current personal projects include a series of the Himba and Samburu tribes – part of a wider project focusing on iconic tribes throughout Africa. Dirk is described as a force of nature – his passion translates into every element of his work, maximising the creative potential of each project. He has had 13 exhibitions to date and has worked with major editorial brands such as GQ, British Journal of Photography and the Sunday Times. Dirk’s photographs of the Samburu people can be seen in THE TRIBE, and you can see more of his work on his website.

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