Issue 2, 11 July, 2014

GREG LEDERLE is a multiple award winning guide and the owner and co-founder of Lederle Safaris. Based in South Africa, Lederle Safaris offers tailored safaris throughout the continent of Africa as well as privately guided safaris for discerning travelers looking for something new, fresh and off the beaten track. Described by Forbes Life as “…a warm and effervescent personality”, Greg’s connection to and appreciation of Africa and travel is evident in the itineraries offered to their select clientele by Lederle Safaris. Greg’s telling of his story, HUNTING WITH THE HADZA, reveals deep insight about the life of this last remaining hunter-gatherer tribe, and celebrates an existence that is fundamental to our core.



MARK DRYSDALE has been involved with photography most of his life, educated in the Eastern Cape, he lives in Johannesburg and regularly frequents his home in Dullstroom. He left the mainstream of industry to pursue his passion for photography about 5 years ago. His philosophy about imagery is wonderfully insightful: “Light is the essence of all images. It’s quality defines the emotional and physical aspects of photography. The subject is the vehicle, which we use to illustrate that light. It can be warm or cool, soft or harsh, vivid or muted. When the light and subject intersect, they can compliment or contradict each other and how we portray that through the lens depicts who we are. It is the perfect point when the two elements come together to form a scene that is greater than either of them individually.” Mark demonstrates this philosophy in the series, IN FLIGHT, a celebration of birds on the wing that will make you want to soar.



GEORGINA LOCKWOOD grew up escaping Johannesburg city to go horse-back riding in the Magaliesberg mountains or Land Rovering in the Madikwe sand veld. Accustomed to the sun on her face and the wind in her hair, Georgina embarked as a trainee sailor on a three-masted barque to travel the world beyond her beloved Southern Africa. Ship life steered her to remote destinations and ecological treasure houses like the Galapagos, Pitcairn Island and Polynesia. Once grounded, her love of the outdoors developed into a deep respect for the environment and a desire to preserve it. Georgina is newly graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in Environmental Science. In A SHORT HISTORY OF AN ANCIENT TRIBE, Georgina expounds on the pressures put on Tanzania’s Hadza tribe who are among the last of the hunter-gatherers, and holds a mirror up to modern man.

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