Issue 18, 31 October, 2014


Anton Crone (right) in Naboisho, Kenya

ANTON CRONE quit the crazy-wonderful world of advertising to travel the world, sometimes working, sometimes drifting. Along the way he unearthed a passion for Africa’s stories – not the sometimes hysterical news agency headlines we all feed off, but the real stories. Anton has a strong empathy with Africa’s people and their need to meet daily requirements, often in remote environmentally hostile areas co-habitated by Africa’s free-roaming animals. His journey brought him to Africa Geographic where he is now Editor in Chief, and custodian of Africa Geographic online magazine. He writes about the part the domestic dog plays in African wildlife in CONSERVATION’S BEST FRIEND.


Catherine-Corrett & Manzi

CATHERINE CORRETT grew up and lived in the heart of London for twenty-five years. Africa stole her heart eight years ago and she eventually moved to South Africa in 2011 to become co-founder of K9 Conservation. Catherine has spent the past four years deeply involved in conservation, working with some of the finest reserves and conservation programs in South Africa in many different fields, from relocating animals and rehabilitating threatened species to anti-poaching operations, reserve management and environmental monitoring. Catherine holds a BA Honours degree in Social Anthropology and a Masters degree in Television and Current Affairs Journalism. She has also trained as a photo-journalist, cameraman and editor and has worked for the BBC and Reuters. Her greatest passion is conservation through journalism and bringing awareness to a global audience through visual media. Catherine writes about the dog bred by Africans for Africa in AFRICANIS.


hvdb hres bw

HEINRICH VAN DEN BERG is an international award-winning wildlife photographer, an accomplished writer and a publisher. Van den Berg is well known for pushing photographic boundaries to create explosive images that are as beautiful as they are emotive. His artfully interwoven text coaxes the reader into the realm of philosophy and meditation. To achieve such visual presence, Van den Berg is a thinking photographer, travelling extensively in search of unique images – always with an eye for the unusual and a new perspective of the familiar. His lens snares evocative moments that leave lasting impressions through the pages of his carefully crafted books. In this week’s GALLERY Heinrich shares vital tips on how to improve your photography and shares outstanding images from his new book REFLECTION.

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