Issue 17, 24 October, 2014



KERRYN-LEE MAGGS grew up in the wilds of the Kruger National Park where she developed a love for all things in nature. JEFF TYSER grew up in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs where he developed a chronic longing for all things in nature. They both work as freelance creatives in the advertising industry. Recently they said goodbye to all of that, packed as much gear as they could into their Landy, Andy, and struck out on a big adventure around Southern Africa. 5 months later they returned home with the best suntans of their lives, one very scruffy beard, a whole bunch of new friends, about ZAR7.00 to their names and a lifetime’s supply of amazing memories. Read about their travels in HOW NOT TO PLAN AN AFRICAN ADVENTURE and A GRAPHIC ACCOUNT OF AFRICAN TRAVEL. Catch up on more of their adventures at


Anton Crone (right) in Naboisho, Kenya

ANTON CRONE quit the crazy-wonderful world of advertising to travel the world, sometimes working, sometimes drifting. Along the way he unearthed a passion for Africa’s stories – not the sometimes hysterical news agency headlines we all feed off, but the real stories. Anton has a strong empathy with Africa’s people and their need to meet daily requirements, often in remote environmentally hostile areas co-habitated by Africa’s free-roaming animals. His journey brought him to Africa Geographic where he is now Editor in Chief, and custodian of Africa Geographic online magazine. He caught up with Mike Chase, leader of the Great Elephant Census, to give us an update on their Botswana aerial survey in NEWS FROM ABOVE.

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