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Some photographers have a knack of capturing the very moment when nature is showing off the most. That moment could be the supreme magnificence of a huge male lion in full flight, or that regal stare of a bateleuer eagle. It could be that delicate blend of consternation and inquisitiveness as the aardwolf notices you for the first time, or the delicacy of a waxbill sipping water from its mirror reflection.


John Vosloo, our Photographer of the Year 2017 winner, is one such photographer. He is living proof that a picture is worth a thousand words, that amateur photography has risen to the heights once occupied exclusively by professionals.


Join us in celebrating Africa’s incredible richness through the lens of this passionate story-teller.


A few of John’s photos feature in our 2017 Yearbook, and you can pre-order your copy now, for delivery later this year.


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