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Namibian Desert Lions


There are records of lions inhabiting the northern Namib desert along the Skeleton Coast in Namibia as far back as 1934. It was observed that desert lions were common in the coastal regions, mountains and rivers, between the lower Kuiseb River and the Kunene River. It was believed that they were plentiful in the Kaokoveld and along the Kunene valley. The Skeleton Coast National Park was proclaimed in 1967, and since then, they have been put on the map as an iconic species of this unique desert region.


However, today their population is under threat from human influence and human-lion conflict is the primary factor holding them back from truly thriving in their natural habitat.


Thankfully, there are good people behind-the-scenes fighting to ensure the survival of this magnificent, resilient species. Photographer Ingrid Mandt has been photographing the desert creatures of Namibia for 25 years, and here she provides us with a stunning portfolio of the iconic desert lions of Namibia. This gallery is an inspirational visual account of the resilience and highly adaptive nature of an iconic species facing real survival challenges, and we hope that these photographs move and inspire you to treasure the beauty and strength of one of Africa's wildest species.


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