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In the Footsteps of Giants


Professional wildlife photographer Greg du Toit has photographed some of Africa’s wildest, remotest and largest ecosystems. His artwork has hung in both the London and Sydney natural history museums and his 'Authentic Africa' collections have been exhibited across the globe, from New York to Singapore. African wildlife is his speciality, and his preferred genre is fine-art wildlife photography, whereby his photographic works are easily recognised by the tangible mood, primitive energy and vibrant colours that they convey.


In this body of work, entitled 'In the Footsteps of Giants', Greg spent three years photographing elephants around Africa in unique settings and locations - mainly from inside waterholes! Read the photographer's note on this portfolio below:


"It is my hope that through this body of work people will appreciate what incredibly wonderful creatures elephants are. Sadly, Africa has lost 70% of its elephant population in the last 40 years and alarmingly, in these modern times, elephants are being hunted and poached at a faster rate than they are being born. Hunters come out to shoot elephants so that they can take trophies home to brag. Poachers kill elephants just so that their teeth can be turned into ornaments. It is my hope that this body of work will help create a greater love and appreciation for elephants and awaken the collective human conscience, so that these wonderfully intelligent and gentle giants will be around for future generations to see and enjoy. Climbing into the water to photograph them would be a very small price to pay if this were to happen."


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