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R.I.P. SATAO 2 - a giant amongst elephants


Another giant has fallen to poachers, and the remaining estimated 25-30 Tuskers survive in small pockets across East and Southern Africa, pursued by poachers and trophy hunters alike. You see it’s their tusks, 100 pounds each side to qualify as a ‘Tusker’, that is their crowning glory and their death sentence.


Our blog post earlier this week goes into the details of Satao 2’s death, and so right now my team and I wish to pay tribute to him, as we did in 2014 for his erstwhile companion Satao, also claimed by a poacher’s arrow. Every time one of these gentle giants goes down to a poacher or trophy hunter we lose another part of Africa’s soul.


In the following pages, you will hear from some of those who had the privilege of being near Satao 2 recently, who were touched by his massive, gentle presence and who feel saddened at his death. You will also find out more about Tsavo National Park in Kenya, and about what you can do to help.


There are of course many good people working under incredible pressure all over Africa, to stem the tide of poaching. On this occasion though, the spotlight falls on the good people of Kenyan Wildlife Services and the Tsavo Trust, who work tirelessly to safeguard Tsavo’s gentle giants.


Richard Moller, who runs Tsavo Trust, has called for a few of the Tsavo Tuskers to be granted Presidential Security Decree, as was the case with the famous tusker 'Ahmed' of Marsabit National Park in the early 1970s. Now there is a campaign worth supporting!


If like me you do feel emotional, angry or downright frustrated about the situation, consider finding out about Tsavo Trust and donating some of your hard-earned money. Every little bit helps.


Simon Espley

Africa Geographic CEO


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