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Photographer Ingrid Mandt and her husband Izak left South Africa and moved to Nambia in 2008. They travel Africa extensively whenever they can and have become totally addicted to safaris and wildlife photography in North-East and Central Africa - and of course in Namibia!

They are both active lobbyists and campaigners for the conservation of all African animals - more specifically of the Desert Lion and Black Rhino in Namibia.


In this gallery, Ingrid's photography provides a showcase of their trip to Liuwa Plain National Park in Zambia - a region now wonderfully restored to thriving with wild beauty, with thanks to the people mentioned in Izak's trip notes:


"Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes to African Parks and the Zambian Carnivore Programme for what you did to reinstate Liuwa Plain to its former glory. We pledge our full support in this endeavour.

To the friendly camp staff for providing firewood water and for sharing their knowledge (special mention to Mr “Thank you very much” of Katayona camp- so named because he ended every sentence by saying that-we love you!)

Special thanks to Stefan Rheeder for the planning and making the bookings to make the trip possible. Camping gear kindly sponsored and supplied by 4x4 andmore SA

To our friends Iris Breeman, Willem Bakhuys Roozeboom and Louw Zuurmond who joined us on the trip and made it a wonderful experience, thank you!

And thank you of course to my talented photographer wife, Ingrid. You can view her work on her website or Facebook page"


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