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As the old year wanes, we often find ourselves looking back over the past months and pondering the moments that made an impression on us. Those moments are important because they inspire and energise us - refuel us for the journey ahead. Sometimes those moments plant seeds of change.


For our small team at the Africa Geographic Cape Town office those moments frequently arrive as photographs, sent to us from all corners of the globe by people with one common denominator – an unmitigated passion for Africa.


We get to live our lives vicariously through other people’s camera lenses, and we love it. Each day we get to trawl through an amazing array of images from talented and lucky people that are out there somewhere on this vast continent, documenting their fascinating encounters and daily dramas.


And so, for this last online magazine issue of the year each of our team has chosen one photograph from the last year of issues that made an impression on them. The brief was very simple: Choose one photograph and explain why you singled that one photograph out from hundreds of others.


This then is a very personal magazine issue, and the varied reasoning behind each choice reflects the diversity of our team. We hope that you enjoy this tiny window into our lives.


Keep the passion.

The Africa Geographic team

Cape Town