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Nelson Mandela famously said that “education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world,” and this article celebrates the organisations and individuals who are changing Africa through education.

   Make no mistake, Africa faces many challenges. As a result of poverty, environmental degradation is rife as people struggle to manage with limited resources, often looking to nature to provide where there is a shortfall. In many undeveloped regions across the continent, people are forced to hunt wildlife to survive, and the temptation to poach for ivory and rhino horn is sometimes strong. Often the alternatives are few. But in some areas, by instilling a love for the land and wildlife, and helping locals to explore alternative livelihoods, education organisations are making real change happen.

   Cynics may wonder how we can ever know that real change is happening. But this can be assessed by looking at the longevity of projects, the success of students, and the improvements made to local environments. In this week's gallery, we tell stories that are both inspirational and uplifting. So enjoy these success stories that show us how bright the future can be!


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