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Namibia is a land of stark contrasts, and a typical visitor can expect to be left in awe by its magnificent polarities - from an abundance of wildlife around waterholes in Etosha to withered tree stumps between the dunes in Deadvlei.

   The country is perhaps best known for its vast landscapes, blue skies, sand dunes and endless white gravel roads. Protecting some of Africa’s most untouched wildernesses, it is also a great destination for photographers and wildlife lovers. All creatures great and small make an appearance in Namibia’s sandy nooks and crannies - from chameleons by the roadside and meerkats on the gravel plains, to black-maned lions and desert-adapted rhinos or elephants roaming massive expanses of semi-arid terrain.

   And on a two-week trip with Africa Geographic’s Travel Director, Christian Boix, six guests from Brazil and Canada criss-crossed this land in search of some its most iconic photographic highlights. Armed with tripods, lenses, filters, hats, and oodles of suntan lotion, they ventured forth into its wildernesses with a thirst for quirky light, moonless nights, awesome vistas, beautiful people, great wildlife sightings and cold Windhoek lager.

   This gallery showcases some of the highlights of their journey to most of the hotspots in this country that offers a little something for everyone.


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To find out more about this week's author, head to the last page of this gallery. And if a trip to Namibia piques your interest, contact Africa Geographic Travel to find out how you can experience this great Southern African destination for yourself! As it's just a one-hour Airlink flight away from Cape Town, Windhoek is the ideal base from which to start and end your Namibian adventure. Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and is often described as the cleanest city in Africa. Windhoek boasts a well-maintained road network, making it a fantastic hub that links it to many of the tourist attractions that you will read about in this gallery.

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