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African predators - especially big cats - are François Pringuet's favourite subjects to focus on with his lens, as he believes that they have many attributes that make them a delight to capture on camera. From elusive leopards and elegant cheetahs, to majestic lions, he feels that all big cats have characteristics that are fascinating to observe.

   And it would be difficult to disagree. Big cats consistently offer wildlife photographers great natural observations and photographic opportunities. Whether you're watching a cheetah hunt, lion cubs play, or a leopard climb a tree, every day in the bush offers the chance to focus on different feline behaviours with different photographic techniques. In this gallery, François Pringuet showcases some of his best black and white big cat images and details how he came to capture each shot.


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In this cover photo, a cheetah cub is yawning on a hot day in the Serengeti National Park, while standing next to its mother and her other cubs. The cubs all moved very close to the vehicle and some of them even ducked underneath the car to take advantage of the cool shade.