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In May 2014, Africa lost one of its greatest treasures - Satao, a truly magnificent elephant. As a great tusker, he carried enormous ivory with each tusk weighing close to 50 kilogrammes, and he roamed the red dust bush of Tsavo National Park in Kenya for about 50 years. Satao was killed with a poisoned arrow, his face crudely hacked away, his tusks stolen and his body left to rot. The impact of his untimely, wasteful death was felt around the globe.

   Bobby-Jo Clow is a wildlife photographer based in Dubbo, Australia. Passionate about elephants, Satao’s death became the genesis for her new book project – one befitting the legacy of such a magnificent animal. Reflections of Elephants combines Bobby-Jo’s photography with the written reflections of a diverse team of writers, including best-selling authors, award-winning poets, conservationists and elephant experts from around the globe.


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The cover photo of this gallery portrays a Tsavo tusker surrounded by his askaris. 'Askari' is the Swahili word for soldier and is a term often given to young bull elephants found in the company of larger and older bulls. These young bulls learn many things from their more experienced teachers; lessons that they will need to learn in order to become a dominant bull. In return, these askaris provide company and security to the older bulls, detecting threats and dealing with dangers.