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Photographer Daniel Schuhmacher recently visited the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, where he had the opportunity to spend time with a local Samburu tribe, as well as enjoy the incredible wildlife safaris that the region has to offer. A local guide took Daniel to a Samburu village where he was welcomed by the tribe, which showed him around the village in exchange for a bit of money. The local guide explained that any money earned from tourism is then shared with the rest of the village and a big part goes towards the education of children.

   The Samburu are related to the Maasai and share a few traditions, but they inhabit Kenya's north-central plains whereas the Maasai are concentrated in the region surrounding the Maasai Mara. Both tribes are thought to originally have come from Sudan in the 15th century, but they parted ways when the Samburu settled just north of the equator in Kenya's Rift Valley area, while their Maasai cousins moved further south. The Samburu language is similar to the Maa language spoken by the Maasai, and both tribes are semi-nomadic pastoralists who value cattle. However, the Samburu are thought to adhere more to cultural traditions than their Maasai kin, as their more remote location means they are slightly less affected by modern trends.

   The members of the village that Daniel visited showed him their houses and animals, and demonstrated their traditional dances, which are a significant part of the Samburu way of life. While Daniel was in the Samburu village, he was allowed to take a few pictures - the results of which he put together in this photography series.


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Cover image by ©Daniel Schuhmacher, daschu MEDIA