The Herero people believe that eating pangolin meat brings luck. After visiting the Rare and Endangered Species Trust, and having had their photo taken with the pangolin, Katiti, some Herero chiefs are changing their tune. They tell their communities that the photos will bring better luck because they last longer than a taste of pangolin. They also persuade their communities to leave the endangered animal alone.
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Perhaps you can spread the pangolin luck by sharing these images of Katiti and a few of his pals. And if you’ve ever been lucky enough to see a pangolin in the wild, why not share your own photos with us on social media accompanied by #PreciousPangolin.



A close up of Katiti. ©Christian Boix



A study of pangolin scales. ©Scott & Judy Hurd



Katiti on a walkabout. ©Christian Boix



A detail of Katiti’s back foot. ©Christian Boix



Katiti catches a ride on his mother’s back. ©Maria Diekmann



Adult Cape pangolin. ©African Pangolin Working Group


Adult Cape pangolin. ©African Pangolin Working Group



Katiti enjoys a dung ‘bath’. ©Christian Boix



Adult Cape pangolin coiled up for protection. ©African Pangolin Working Group



Adult Cape pangolin. ©African Pangolin Working Group



Katiti strikes a pose. ©Christian Boix

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  • Estelle

    Mense het n pangolin na ons gebring hulle wou hom verkoop ons het hom gevat en wou nie geld gee nie toe hulle agresief raak het ons die polisie gebel die polisie wou die pangolin vir die mense gee ons het toe iemand gekontak wat hom kom haal het en vir natuurbewaring gekontak het ek voel die polisie het nie geweet dit is bedreigde diere nie hulle moet veral in gebiede waar bedreigde diere voorkom baie beter opgelei word

    • Simon Espley

      Goeie werk Estelle!

  • Kalahari

    Would anyone donate me a picture of pangolín to publish? I am working on a book on Africa but I could not find a wild pangolín during my trips to take a picture. You can see my previous book on South America http://www.lynxeds.com/producto/amazonia-patagonia

  • John Davison

    Quite a number of arrests of Pangolin offenders take place in NW Zimbabwe including police sting operations but the status of this amazing creature in the Binga/Hwange district has probably already been seriously impacted?