Issue 1, 4 July, 2014
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KELLY LANDEN threw down an anchor in 2002, abandoning a career on the oceans to dedicate herself to conservation in Africa. Having a passion for wildlife and an affinity for photography, as Elephants Without Borders’ programme manager, she realized that she has the opportunity to use her skills to share the beauty and splendour of nature, while providing insights into the challenges of conservation. “To participate in The Great Elephant Census is a rare gift and a privilege that provides us a chance to paint a clearer picture on how we should focus on progressive solutions to conservation threats”. Her photos have been used for various media platforms and contribute to the scientific data bank the organization has accumulated through the years. This issue would not have been possible without Kelly’s outstanding contribution in terms of imagery and editorial guidance. Her photographs can be seen throughout the chapters WHERE THE GIANTS STILL ROAM and HOW TO COUNT ELEPHANTS FROM A PLANE.


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RICHARD MOLLER is one of Kenya’s most respected hands-on conservation project managers. As co-founder of the Tsavo Trust, he works in support of wildlife, habitat and communities in the greater Tsavo ecosystem, Kenya’s largest protected area and home to most of the world’s surviving ‘hundred pounder tuskers’. Tsavo Trust’s ‘Big Tusker Project’, which Richard leads, works alongside Kenya Wildlife Service, Save The Elephants and other partners to provide extra protection for all Tsavo’s elephants, but with a special emphasis on these awesome giants of the elephant kingdom. Richard’s photographs of the legendary tusker, Satao, can be seen in the chapter THE GIANT WHO WILL NEVER DIE.


MARK MULLER was born & raised on a Coffee farm on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. He was schooled in Tanzania and Kenya and immediately after school, came to Maun in Botswana where he has spent the last 42 years. He has always had a passion for wildlife with a particular love of Elephants and birds. His love of photography was first sparked on a trip to Antarctica in 2006. Mark’s photographs of the great tusker, Satao, can be seen in the chapters WHERE THE GIANTS STILL ROAM and THE GIANT WHO WILL NEVER DIE.


MICHAEL LORENTZ is passionate about wildlife, wilderness and elephants in particular. Born in South Africa, he knew from an early age that his true vision and happiness would lie in Africa’s wild places. A passionate and award-winning photographer, Michael’s work has been featured in several publications, as well as at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. Having guided for 26 years, this remains his first professional love, conducting safaris throughout Southern, East and Central Africa with his company, Passage To Africa. An accomplished naturalist and committed conservationist, Michael provides his safari guests with a dazzling insight into the intricacies of Africa’s wilderness. Michael’s photography can be seen in the chapter WHERE THE GIANTS STILL ROAM.



BEN NEALE and KYLIE BERTRAM are the Australian couple behind Gallery Earth. At their core is a deep respect for conservation and a love of adventure. Not everyone has the opportunity to fly or travel but they believe everyone appreciates and is inspired by the beauty of nature. They aspire to capture this beauty on their journeys, most often suspended beneath the canopy of a paraglider. Ben and Kylie’s photography can be seen in the chapter WHERE THE GIANTS STILL ROAM.


Anton Crone (right) in Naboisho, Kenya

ANTON CRONE quit the crazy-wonderful world of advertising to travel the world, sometimes working, sometimes drifting. Along the way he unearthed a passion for Africa’s stories – not the sometimes hysterical news agency headlines we all feed off, but the real stories. Anton has a strong empathy with Africa’s people and their need to meet daily requirements, often in remote environmentally hostile areas co-habitated by Africa’s free-roaming animals. His journey brought him to Africa Geographic where he is now Editor in Chief, and custodian of Africa Geographic online magazine. Anton wrote the content for this issue, working closely with Mike Chase and Kelly Landen of Elephants Without Borders.

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  • michelephant61

    i can’t get the image of satao lying sprawled on the ground. it is maddening and I feel powerless.. it doesn’t seem to matter how much money we throw at all the conservation and anti-poaching efforts, the slaughter continues. what else can we do. i am in mourning for satao , mountain bull and all the thousands of elephants who have died. I am dying inside.