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Photographer Robin Stuart describes the situation leading up to this incredible shot taken in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

The main inspiration behind the shot came from hearing that the Maasai were semi-nomadic and used the stars to navigate. This struck a major chord with me. Having just started astrophotography, I had to capture this idea in a image, knowing that something like it had probably not been captured before, as astrophotography is a relatively new photographic genre, especially here in Africa.

   Right up until the day, I had not planned to capture the moment with a father and his son, but knew I wanted a shot with a Maasai warrior in the setting of his home. The idea to include a child with his father came when we were waiting for the sun to set. The young boys were herding cattle back to their manyattas, and I guess it just hit me. Why not capture a moment between a father and son? I thought that night time was a great opportunity for man and boy to talk and for the father to hand down knowledge of the stars to his son.