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George Dian Balan on safari

About the author

George Dian Balan is a wildlife photographer and conservationist, who has travelled extensively across the world in search of the last wilderness sanctuaries. He learned foreign languages in his childhood by reading hundreds of books about wildlife in English and French; years before the 'boom' in wildlife documentaries and the massive distribution of wildlife photography through social networks.

   Dian is a self-taught photographer and naturalist, who seeks to do justice through his work to the amazing beauty of wild creatures in their natural environments. His project - The Miracle of Wildlife - is about the miracle of the other wonderful creatures with which we share Earth. It is about wildlife photography winning hearts and minds. It is about a gentle walk in the woods, a swim in the ocean, an intrepid expedition in the tropics or a sweaty hike to the top of a snow-covered mountain.

   His work has been published by BBC Earth, Wild Planet Photo Magazine and Africa Geographic, among others, and he has also done well in various photography competitions. Dian is one of the very few people in the world who have photographed both African and Asiatic big tuskers. He believes that elephants should be depicted in children's books with "tusks-to-the-ground" and rhinos with "horns-to-the-sky”, exactly as they were in great numbers before, and as very few of them still are.