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A drive-through in South Africa ©Susan Riley Young

Susan Riley Young

"On our way up to Estcort, we stopped to buy some biltong in Mooi River to take with us for the road. Mooi River translates from Afrikaans to 'beautiful river', and it is a small town in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands.

   "As we passed the local KFC, it was with great amusement and delight that I noticed a new form of 'drive-through', and my fiancé, Thys Swanepoel, insisted that we stop to take a photo of this interesting sight. I'm presuming that the two men on horseback are from the town's surrounding farming community, and that they're placing their order for man-sized burgers and chips.

   "It was almost as if the clock turned back for a moment – there were no cars in sight, as the locals here rely on a different form of horsepower to go out to buy their lunch.

   "The men were a cheery duo – waving happily as we snapped the picture, and serving as a refreshing reminder of the contrasts that we see in South Africa. It was also a great reminder that, despite the great diversity across the country, many of us still share a common love for Colonel Sander's famous fried chicken."