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Three women from the Mursi tribe ©Louisa Seton

This group of women are from the Mursi tribe, which consists of about 10,000 people who live in one of Ethiopia's remotest regions - close to South Sudan between the Omo River and its tributary, the Mago. These particular women live in Mago National Park.

   The plate in the lower lip of the woman in the middle is commonly seen on women when they reach marriageable age after the age of 14. However, these days it is not uncommon for a young girl to refuse to go ahead with this procedure.

   The two bottom teeth are knocked out with a rock, then the lower lip is cut and a wooden plug is inserted. Over time this plug is replaced by a larger plug until the lip is stretched enough to insert a clay plate, which is quite heavy. Lip plates denote beauty and status for women in this tribe, and will fetch them a large dowry price of about 38 cows and an AK47.