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Jeff and Kerryn on their big day with Andy the Landy ©Knot Just Pics

Jeff and Kerryn Tyser

From the second we got engaged, the Kruger National Park was always an integral part of our wedding plans. Kerryn had the extreme privilege of growing up in Skukuza, as her parents have lived and worked in the park for over 30 years (lucky things). I was also fortunate to spend many a school holiday there with my family, so the place has a really special place in both of our hearts.

   We decided to split our wedding across two weekends. The ceremony in Kruger was a small, intimate gathering of our immediate family. All our friends and extended family then joined us for a big bash in Jo’burg the following weekend.

   As we were such a small group, Kerryn’s dad got permission for us to hold the wedding ceremony in a remote riverbed, far from any tourist roads. It was an incredible and quite surreal experience standing barefoot in the sand, surrounded by our families and pristine bushveld, without a fence in sight. While we said our vows, Kerryn’s dad kept a well-trained eye on the surrounding reeds and riverine forest, in case any animals decided to crash the wedding party. But apart from a few buffalo, which kept a healthy distance, Kruger’s famed Big Five let us get married in peace.

   That night, we had dinner and a little bit too much champagne next to the old baobab tree in Kerryn’s folks’ garden, which overlooks the legendary Sabie River. A cloudless, star-filled sky provided the perfect décor. And the hyenas and fiery-necked nightjars were the ultimate band. It was an amazing way to end the best day of our lives.


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