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Lions sleeping in a tree in Tanzania

It’s rare to see a lion in a tree, so spotting nine relaxing in the midday sun near the Seronera Research Centre in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park was quite a thrill.

    We’d spent the best part of six hours prior to taking this photo seeing very little game, but we raced for our cameras when we rounded a bend to be greeted by this view.

   Shortly before we happened upon them, they’d devoured a kill nearby and had chosen to ascend the tree to escape the flies and catch a bit of breeze. We stayed with them for a couple of hours trying different camera angles, and watched them as they eventually descended one by one, with some of the cubs acting rather clumsily and landing heavily. They then moved en masse across the road between half a dozen vehicles, and scaled some rocks where they rested out of sight, which was finally our cue to leave.