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Impalas are found in large numbers throughout the Selous.

“In the Selous, there is considerable variation in land form as well as habitat and also an abundance of good water; even toward the end of the seven-month drought there is no point more than six miles from permanent water. As a result - or so I had read, so I had heard - the fauna of the Selous is probably more diverse and more abundant than in any comparable area of Africa.” – Peter Matthiessen, naturalist and writer of Sand Rivers


“By the time that I first set foot in the Selous Game Reserve in 2009 I had seen a lot of Africa but nothing prepared me for what I found there. The valleys are stunningly beautiful, hippos and large crocodiles everywhere in the river, a continual parade of other animals coming down to drink, birds and insects of every imaginable size, shape and colour offering a symphonic cacophony. In less than a day we encountered wild dogs, elephants, kudus, countless waterbucks and impalas, and not a single other human being. The southern Selous really is an extraordinary wilderness.” - Robert J. Ross