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©Julian Fennessy, Giraffe Conservation Foundation


Never quite sure what to buy a colleague, but still want to thank them for having put up with you throughout the year? Then check out some of the gifts on offer from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. This calendar in particular will set them up for 2016, and will make sure that they don't forget to turn up for any important meetings or to bring in cakes on staff birthdays. Hint hint.


Alternatively, many cultures believe that the best way to bond is by 'breaking bread'. So be kind to the environment and to your colleague by getting them a Wonderbag. A non-electric, portable cooker, it is not only funky and affordable, but when you buy a Wonderbag, a donation is made to The Wonderbag Foundation, which distributes Wonderbags to families in need in Africa. Having a Wonderbag means using less fuel, which means healthier families and forests, as well as more disposable income for those who need it the most.


And if you're looking for a small present with a big heart, consider buying a blank gift card set from The Turgwe Hippo Trust. Your colleagues won't be able to complain about being short of stationery, and the proceeds will go towards saving hippos in the southeast lowveld of Zimbabwe.