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©Kerstin Erler, Friends of Maziwe


A turtle nest adoption would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves these heroes in a half shell. The money raised from adopting a turtle nest with Friends of Maziwe will help this non-profit organisation to pay for the boat and fuel to patrol Maziwe Island in Tanzania, where local team members save eggs from rotting on the waterlogged beaches by relocating nests to the organisation's mainland beach site. Their goal is to then return the hatchlings to the sea. The lucky parent-to-be can even visit the marine reserve one day with Matembezi Safaris.


Alternatively, support Shark Spotters by buying an Africa print hoodie or t-shirt for any waterbabies that you know. Not only will you be getting them a great gift, but you'll also be contributing towards keeping them safe in the sea, as Shark Spotters' aim is to proactively reduce any human-shark conflict in recreational waters. This community-driven shark spotting programme keeps swimmers and surfers in South Africa safe, while also trying to avoid causing any further harm to globally threatened white shark populations. So everyone's a winner!