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Name: Vusopfa


Origin of name: Tsonga, meaning ‘untidy’. Vusopfa refers to the heavily torn and scraggly ears of this bull, making him easily identifiable.


Special features: This bull has very distinctive features, most notably a noticeably marked left ear with multiple u-shaped and v-shaped notches of varying sizes throughout the full length of the ear lobe. A small hole at the top of the lobe is also visible when fully displayed. The right lobe is less scraggly, but also supports notable markings. A long, extended u-shaped notch is clearly visible at the lower point of the lobe, an uneven w-shaped notch can be seen towards the middle of the lobe. From a frontal view this elephant’s tusks are fairly wide apart and symmetrical – with both growing fairly straight and curving at the tip. From a side profile the left tusk appears more curved than the right.


General: This bull was first sighted in December 2013. With no other submission at the time, it was decided to monitor him until additional sightings could confirm his status. Sightings since then were limited, with a few confirmed sightings in late 2014 and early 2015, increasing in 2016. Due to this, it was felt that there was sufficient evidence of his characteristics to name him and confirm his status as an emerging tusker.