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Conservation graduates from CWET go on to work with the ZCP ©Edward Selfe Photography

Wild dog education


The Luangwa Valley supports Zambia’s largest wildlife-based economy, estimated to support a US$30 million annual economic turnover in the South Luangwa area. Growing up next to the country’s premier wildlife area, with many children supported by their parents’ employment in the safari industry, there are unique opportunities for aspiring wildlife conservationists.


Chipembele Wildlife Educational Trust has been working for over a decade with students interested in conservation, via student conservation clubs. In an effort to get kids more interested in conservation, the ZCP and CWET have a long-term partnership to develop conservation leaders who can help to protect Luangwa and its wild dogs. To date, conservation graduates from this program have gone onto employment on all ZCP’s projects as the current and future leaders of carnivore conservation in Zambia.