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Tsavo Trust and the Big Tusker Project


The Tsavo Trust operates the Big Tusker Project in conjunction with Kenyan Wildlife Services and focusses on aerial and ground surveillance and data capture, backed up by the KWS’ rapid reaction teams that deal with poaching incidents.


This successful co-operative model with KWS has substantially reducing poaching in the area despite a chronic shortage of funding.


Tsavo Trust CEO Richard Moller and his co-pilot Josh Outram spend over 60 hours per month logging the movements of Tsavo’s elephants, and they have donated in excess of US$300,000 worth of anti-poaching vehicles and equipment to KWS since inception.


They also work closely with local communities, as they fully appreciate that the survival of Africa’s iconic species is dependent on the participation of people who live on park borders. Human-wildlife conflict is the cause of so many wild animal deaths in Africa, and no conservation project can succeed without total involvement of communities at a meaningful level.


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