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©Johan Marais, wildlife vet and CEO of Saving the Survivors

I am pretty gutted really. Satao 2 was a good-natured elephant and very approachable, one of those easy old boys to find. Many of the others are much more difficult to see.


Satao 2 has been a film star for many film crews that have come to enjoy Tsavo and its last remaining iconic Tuskers. Most recently Tsavo hosted the BBC “My Family and Me” shoot that took place in mid 2016 and aired in Britain in December 2016 - Satao 2 was showcased to millions of people.


During our ‘Big Tusker Project’ surveillance we logged Satao 2 no fewer than 160 times since December 2013 – that’s once every 6.5 days on average. Although this undoubtedly did help in his security, and gave us a better understanding of his home range (and that of the other impressive emerging Tuskers that he roamed with), this incident shows there are gaps that need to be filled and there is urgent need to step up activities with regards to Tsavo’s Super Tuskers.


Many will miss him.”


Richard Moller

Chief Conservation Officer, Tsavo Trust