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The future of lions in Africa is in our hands © Bjorn Persson

The Future


No matter what has happened in the past, and no matter the challenges of the future, the only thing we can do is to learn from the past and never give up the fight for lions' survival. These stunning images remind us that lions are extraordinary animals, deserving of our admiration and protection, and it’s our responsibility to make sure they still roam our planet for many centuries to come. If you’d like to make a change, here’s a short list of some organisations committed to their survival:


National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative


Co-founded by renowned filmmakers and explorers-in-residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert, the Big Cat Initiative supports local conservation projects and education, in addition to a global public awareness campaign.


The Desert Lion Project


There are less than 150 desert-adapted lions left in the unforgiving sands of the Namib Desert. The Desert Lion Project, founded by Dr. Philop Stander, was created "to collect sound ecological data, address human-lion conflicts and to develop a conservation strategy."


Walking for Lions


A small organization with a big heart, Walking for Lions seeks to compile essential information on lion populations across protected areas in Africa. In order to build awareness for the program, its members walked more than 300 miles from Windhoek, Namibia, to Chanzi, Botswana, in the beginning of 2015.


International Fund for Animal Welfare


In addition to a long history of rescuing and aiding threatened animals in more than 40 countries, the IFAW is working to ensure the U.S. government lists the African lion as "endangered" under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, which, at the very least, would make it illegal to transport hunting trophies into the United States.