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Our convoy travelling across the Zambezi River on the Sitoti Ferry ©Ingrid Mandt

On 20th November 2016, after a rendezvous with our friends and overnight camping at Namwi near Katima Mulilo in Namibia – and after the usual customs and immigrations cattle-run at the border, paying six different forms of levies, tax, temporary import duties on vehicles etc...our small convoy of three vehicles hit the tarred road up to Senanga - just before the bridge over the Zambezi.


Here, we turned off and followed the Sioma dirt road on the southern bank of the Zambezi to Sitoti, just for a bit of adventure! One can of course follow the tarred road, which is in very good condition and relatively new, all the way to Mongu - but no, not us fearless warriors! Ok, lets be honest, it was unintentional! We’re idiots...


We crossed the Zambezi with the ferry (with only one engine functional, which brought us all closer to religion...) and then drove through the swampy area to Senanga - behind a Toyota Corolla ‘skorrokorro’ taxi, which outperformed our 4x4s by far (this driver would have put the Dakar Rally competitors to shame), where we again met up with the tar road to Mongu.