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The white beaches and beautiful lake at Ikithe Luxury Resort in Mongu ©Ingrid Mandt

In Mongu, we exchanged currency at one of the two ATMs, since they only accept Zambian Kwacha. One ATM seemed to have an appetite for plastic and devoured one of our debit cards. The look on Louw Zuurmond’s face and the resulting outburst was priceless but unfortunately not publishable here.


We bought some Mosi beers at a roadside shebeen and drove to Ikithe Luxury Resort some 25 km from Mongu to our overnight camp. We were overwhelmed by this little jewel with its white beaches and beautiful little lake - and were even more overwhelmed being met by the staff with cool towels and complimentary welcome drinks - and we were just campers! Highly recommendable to say the least!