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Support sustainable entrepreneurship with Trash 2 Treasure

Get crafty with Trash2Treasure

Trash 2 Treasure is a crafting initiative of non-profit organisation Nourish (part of its Community Business Incubator project) that focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship opportunities for women and men in rural communities.

Their aim is to assist crafters in refining their skills, and enable them to make a livelihood from utilising waste and their age-old skills to create beautiful art and craft works.

A positive by-product of this initiative is that recycling happens at a grassroots level through seeing waste as resource. Their focus in rural communities marginalised around the boundaries of the greater Kruger National Park means that they are aimed at making tourism and tourism-spend locally relevant to these villages. Here, their income can come directly from conservation tourism and thus the beautiful link begins - that as we break the poverty cycle, and make tourism important in these communities, the value of conservation tourism to these communities becomes understood.

Through this initiative, poaching will also be flagged as being a danger to their sustainable entrepreneurship and incomes. This is their two-fold goal: to fight poaching and poverty through their community crafting initiative.

Trash 2 Treasure products are available online and they accept donations too!