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Dining under the stars ©Robin Pope Safaris

Sit under the stars with a gourmet plate of food

If there’s a gourmet plate of food on your lap but you can’t help your wandering eyes from gazing up at the sky, you know you’re in an incredible setting.

   Malawi has sparkle, and when Sir David Livingstone saw Lake Malawi at night for the first time, he was captivated by the lantern light coming from the fishing boats on the water. It was as though the lights reflected down from the heavens and inspired the name “Lake of Stars”.

   Nocturnal Lake Malawi is a beautiful sight. Located privately within Lake Malawi National Park on the edge of the water you’ll find Robin Pope Safaris' Pumulani. A thousand light years away from any light pollution, dinners under the night sky are part of the lodge experience. A three-course meal is prepared by the in-house chef and hand-delivered to you on the sandy shores. There’s fine wine and there’s dessert, but there’s also the incredible clear skies that are ideal for star-gazing. What’s more, Pumulani has a Meade 200x magnification telescope to gaze through.

   There’s nothing pretentious about the set up and that’s what’s wonderful about it. It’s about being lost in a beautiful moment surrounded by nature, feeling the sand between your toes, sipping on a glass of red accompanied by a chocolate tart, and marvelling at Lake Malawi’s night-time views.