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Eating inside the House of Spices ©House of Spices

Taking in Italian-Tanzanian fusion cuisine in Zanzibar

Take your tastebuds to heavenly heights with a touch of Italian-Tanzanian fusion cuisine in Zanzibar at House of Spices. Around one of the many indiscernible turns of Stone Town lies a rooftop restaurant with a twist – a mouth-watering medley of Mediterranean meals, combined with all the flavours and fragrances that lend the Spice Island its name. In this 18th century trader’s house, patrons can sip on lemongrass tea before tucking into dishes such as freshly caught kingfish in tamarind sauce. The delicate combinations will be sure to tickle your fancy, as will the Zanzibari decor.

   For Europeans, it’s the perfect bridge by which to enter the culturally vibrant world of Stone Town. A wood oven will fire your pizza to perfection, and gourmands can wash down their dishes with a spicy liqueur digestif while gazing over the maze of alleys below.

   Drinkers and diners can even opt to tumble straight into bed in one of the four hotel rooms on the first floor, in order to wake up perfectly positioned to explore the marvels of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.